"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nail Services

Signature Manicure

Keeping yourself fresh has never been so easy.  This simple maintenance consists of your preference of nail shape, removal of stray cuticle, and topped off by a stress relieving massage. Your favorite color or high gloss buffed shine add the finishing touches to perfection.

No Chip Manicure

You’ll be safe and sound at the end of this nail service. You will receive all the luxuries of our signature manicure with a special base and gloss overlay treatment, along with the color of your choice. There is no odor, and best of all no drying time after the service is finished. Ahh yes, and did we mention that it lasts for at least two weeks.

Gel Nail Enhancements

We are the gel nail specialists! Our beautiful enhancements are sculpted with Masterworks by Amy Becker; the gold standard in gels. Only true gel is a product that is cured under an ultra violet light, with each layer. Gel offers clarity of colors, and is a strong, lightweight, natural looking enhancement. Maintenance is 2-3 weeks.

Acrylic Enhancements

These enhancements are sculpted with a liquid and powder. They can be sculpted with natural colors, pink and white, or an array of colors to adorn the nails with beautiful designs and nail art. Maintenance is 2-3 weeks.

Signature Pedicure

Beautiful feet mean well-groomed nails, cuticles and skin. Our pedicures include a luxurious soak, delicate cuticle care, nail shaping, skin exfoliation, and massage. Your favorite color or a buffed shine add the finishing touch to an hour of total relaxation.

Waterless Pedicure

KIRA/The Spa Suites has found a way to make your pedicure experience better! This new technique not only offers you cleanliness and more moisture to your skin, but also allows us to offer you a more eco-friendly service. We’ve enhanced each pedicure with paraffin and products built to take care of even the most problem areas on your feet without exposing you to any fungal or bacterial transference.  Our waterless pedicure leaves your feet thoroughly moisturized with the effects far surpassing that of traditional pedicures that soak your feet in water. 

No Chip Pedicure

Who knew you could get a pedicure, and then directly put your closed toe shoes or boots on? We have made that an option! Receive all the luxuries of our water or waterless pedicure, and enjoy having your toes polished with a product that is completely dry and smudge-proof after the service is complete.

Rockstar Style

If you like bling, this service is for you. Adorn your nails or toes with your choice of a custom blended glitter. This is a service that, on the toes, can last 4-6 weeks. If done on the fingers, it lasts at least 3 weeks.  Your fingers or toes will be show- stoppers!


As enhancements grow out, they become out of balance. When this happens, one can experience cracks and breaks. This is the maintenance service for your gel or acrylic enhancements to avoid this experience and keep your enhancements like new!

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